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Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

Internet of Everything brings the IoT industry on a new journey


Editor's Note: China's Internet of Things (IoT) has experienced a tough journey over the past seven years, and some enterprises in this field have been in a life-and-death struggle. However, the 24.19 billion pounds ($32 billion) bid in Sept by Japan's SoftBank for ARM, Britain's most valuable designer of chips for IoT, indicates that the industry will embark on a new journey.

Internet of Everything makes its debut in Wuxi, Jiangsu province on Oct 31. [Photo/mixlink.org]

Internet of Everything, a book featuring interviews from 38 entrepreneurs in the IoT industry, made its debut during the opening of the 2016 World Internet of Things Exposition (WIOT) in Wuxi held from Oct 31 to Nov 1.

Li Xiaoyan, author of Internet of Everything, introduces the book. [Photo/mixlink.org]

Internet of Everything was co-published by Posts & Telecom Press and mixlink.org, a professional media organization in the IoT industry. The book was written by Li Xiaoyan, founder of mixlink.org.

Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gives a keynote speech at the press conference for Internet of Everything. [Photo/mixlink.org]

"To witness the development of the IoT and convey the spirit of the industry was the preliminary mission of the book," said author, Li Xiaoyan, who has been active in the IoT industry for five years.

The entrepreneurs associated with IoT enterprises interviewed in the book range from veteran companies, such as Microsoft, Advantech and Inspur Group to innovative new enterprises, including Gizwits, MXCHIP and Kaiyuncare.

Celebrities of the IoT industry gather together to unveil Internet of Everything. [Photo/mixlink.org]

During the press conference held in Wuxi, senior executives of these enterprises shared their own struggles within the industry, and had an in-depth discussion about the developing business models of IoT in the future.

"Pivotal to IoT's advantages, rests on collaboration, making traditional equipment intelligent," said Cai Qinan, general manager of Advantech's IoT Department, who iterated that it was the right choice for enterprises to develop IoT under such practice.

Wang Yonghong, CEO of Shanghai-based IoT technology company MXCHIP, expressed the importance of redesigning traditional hardware to accommodate Cloud services during IoT's early stages.

Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, wrote in the preface that the enterprises referred to in the book have experienced many struggles in recent years and are the pioneers and witnesses of IoT industry's preliminary period. Therefore, today's practitioners can learn much from their experiences.

Wu, who was present at the press conference, praised that the name of Internet of Everything was transcendent, in regard to the industry being called Internet of Things. He added that we are confronted with both opportunities and challenges now, and particular attention must be paid toward how to cut down the cost of sensor technology in an effort to make IoT technologies applicable to more fields.

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