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Wuxi National Hi-Tech District (WND), founded in 1992, was given administrative status and named Xinwu District in February, 2016. With a total area of 220 square kilometers and a population of 560,000 people, WND has been the economic engine behind the opening-up of Wuxi. It has ranked second in comprehensive evaluation of national development parks in Jiangsu for 10 consecutive years. In 2015, its GDP was 130.2 billion yuan ($20 billion) and enterprises with an annual industrial output value above 20 million yuan each contributed 295.7 billion yuan in the district’s total industrial output value. With an area accounting for only 4.6 percent of Wuxi, and a population accounting for 6.8 percent across the city, WND generates 15 percent of Wuxi's gross domestic product (GDP).

As Wuxi’s industrial highland, WND uses manufacturing as its core and has shaped an industrial cluster with an annual output value of 100 billion yuan around high-end equipment manufacturing, the first across the district. The district has also been striving to develop six emerging industries, which contributed 237.8 billion yuan in output value in 2015. They are micro-electronics, 54.6 billion yuan; new energy & new-energy automobiles, 7.6 billion yuan; bio-pharmaceuticals, 18 billion yuan; Internet of Things (IoT), 72.2 billion yuan; new materials & new display, 52 billion yuan; as well as energy conservation and environment protection industry, 34.6 billion yuan. Over the past 24 years, WND has become Wuxi’s economic growth hub, a window of opening up to the outside world, a base of scientific and technological innovation, as well as an engine of transformation and development.

WND has been optimizing its talent introduction policies, support for start-ups and government services. The district was the first national high-tech zone to implement an overseas talents introduction program in 2006 and has attracted more than 600 enterprises started by returned overseas Chinese students. With 200,000 talents in various fields among which 38,000 are high-level professionals, the district has introduced two entrepreneurs, who are Nobel Prize laureates, and their teams. It also has more than 70 experts from "Recruitment Program of Global Experts" (1,000 Talent Plan). Equipped with more than 20 public technology platforms, WND owns 11 national incubators, which are helping to grow more than 1,700 enterprises. The district has become a national innovation and entrepreneur base of overseas high-level talents, the Ministry of Science and Technology’s cultivation base for innovative talents, the Western Returned Scholars Association base, as well as a core part of South Jiangsu National Innovation Demonstration Zone.

In recent years, WND has attracted more than 2,000 foreign enterprises from dozens of countries and regions due to its efficient government service, clear industrial plan and excellent business environment. The district has 109 projects invested by 52 Fortune Global 500 companies of 2015. Its total value of imports and exports reached $32.79 billion in 2015 with actual foreign capital utilization totaling $1.2 billion.

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